Sunday, August 4, 2013

Society Garlic

Society Garlic is a popular evergreen perennial widely used in California. I have this plant in several section in my garden, because I really like the light lavender colored flower stalks and because it attracts butterflies and bees as well. 

The plant is a heavy bloomer, loves full sun and is fairly drought resistant. However the plant looks best with regular med to low watering. When the plant is cut is emits a strong onion scent, which makes it very deer resistant.  Because of the strong smell it is best not to use Society Garlic around entries and walkways. Planting 3-4 plants at a time looks nice and makes the plant easy to trim. Mature plants measures 12-14 inches across and require hand trimming so they don't look shabby. If you plant more than that in one area be prepared for the plants to be cut almost down to the ground. It takes several weeks for the plant to recover and re-grow after such a radical trim and I prefer to keep the numbers of plantings down so I don't have bald spots in my flower bed. 

You can eat the flowers and leaves of Society Garlic raw and it tastes great in salads or as a garnish. The leaves have a strong peppery taste and the flowers have a slightly sweeter onion-ish taste. 

Here is a nice video about Society Garlic

Prints of my Garlic Society Painting are Available
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Do you like radishes? I often plant them in my garden and then use them in salads. Radishes grow easily from seeds and are a fun project for young gardeners. The best radishes are those that are harvested at the right time. Plant them in cool weather and provide moisture.

Spring varieties mature fast and it's best when you check often by pushing away a bit of soil and checking on the growing bulb. They should not be too spicy or too tough tasting.

Some Radish inspired Etsy finds

1. Lavender Bags available from Daniela here
2. Radish Shaped Teapot from Victoria here
3. Vintage Print from Joanne here
4. Radish Charms from Bead to You here

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall at the Gardner Village

I just came back from a trip to Salt Lake City and wanted to share some of my photos from the Gardner VillageThis rustic, small village is compromised of restored historic homes and buildings surrounding a Gardner Mill and a flour mill built by Scottish immigrant Archibald Gardner in 1877. 

As I walked around the site I noticed brass plaques on the buildings which tell the stories of each of the historic structures. The mill, which is on the National Historic Register,  houses a large store specializing in country furniture and gift items. For the Halloween season it was filled with seasonal decor and special fall treats.

I loved seeing all the pumkins and made a mental note for next year to place some gourds in between my own flower beds.  Of course witches were all over the place and quiet funny to look at. The village was teeming with children and made for a very lively setting.

Read more:

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Glowing Pumpkins

I love walking through neighborhoods during the holidays and seeing front lawns and entry ways lit up with clever holiday decorations. While browsing through my stack of ideas to utilize one day, I came across this lovely tutorial, which I thought I share today. 


Turn Pumpkin on it's side and use a knife to carve out a circular opening on the bottom . Make it large enough so that you can scrape out the flesh and seeds. A serrated loop tool comes in handy to scrape out the inner walls. 

Mark horizontal lines using a tape if you like evenly spaced holes. otherwise use a marker and place marks randomly. Using a drill make 1/4 inch sized holes in any pattern you like. 

Once all holes are drilled place your string lights inside and place one bulb in each opening. Then return the bottom making sure that the plug sticks out. Turn the pumkin right side up, plug it in a timer and watch as it starts to magically glow at night.  

Photo credit goes to Anna Williams, tutorial was saved from a Martha Stewart October 1999 magazine.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Fauna in Laguna Beach

Beautiful Blooming Tree
©Enzie Shahmiri

When walking through the neighborhoods of Laguna Beach, you can not but stop and take in all the beautiful vegetation. This time around I was astonished by the different types of trees I found, from being just about enormous and full of blooms to almost barren and scrawny looking. 

Strange skinny trees
©Enzie Shahmiri

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Green Spikes

Plant with Lady Bugs
©Enzie Shahmiri
Prints Available 

This image was taken in Laguna Beach, CA. Right by the main beach is a a section that is nicely landscaped with plants native to California. What attracted me to this cactus were the little beetles (see brown spots) that called these spikes their home.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Mâché Rosettes purchased at Whole Foods were planted in a container and seem to have taken. Once this are double in size they make a great salad.

Mâché Rosettes purchased at Whole Foods were planted in a container and seem to have taken. Once this are double in size they make a great salad.

In France "Mâché" is known as the "Little Sweet One" and used as a salad accompaniment. I love it's tender ans slightly nutty flavor and usually add just a bit of rice vinegar and some fresh strawberries.
The tender shoots stand up well to braising or sautéing and are a great side to fish and meat. 

When I buy fresh produce I love to look for those that have a bit of their roots still attached. Once at home I plug most of the leaves and leave only about three very young ones. Sometimes I dip the roots in a growth hormone and other times I just try my luck and stick them right into some good potting soil in a semi shaded area. Then I watch over them like a mother hen making sure that the little ones adapt well to their new location. 

I guess these little guys liked their spot and pretty soon I can plant more and enjoy the delicate leaves all summer long. 

If you prefer to buy them in a store visit Whole foods. Here in the US Mâché is now grown in California by Epic Roots and I am sure they can let you know other places their greens are sold at. 

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